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As I think about blogging tips I can offer, I think back to when as a child and later as an adult with my own child, I visited Washington, D.C. as a vacation destination.  While, I’ve traveled many places in my life, and use knowledge gained from each in my blogging, a memory from that second trip stands out in my mind. I recall visiting a bronze statue of Albert Einstein. A great thinker and a true inspiration, Albert Einstein’s life and thoughts have taught me many life lessons.

I remember getting a writing award in junior high and being told by one of the judges that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That statement has played a key role in my life as I’ve noticed that just about anyone can learn to do a task by rote, but few can accomplish the same task while adding flair. It takes imagination to develop any talent and bridge it with knowledge to create a lasting message.

When I was a girl, a plaque was displayed in my home that echoed Einstein’s words, “Try not to be a man of success, but rather to become a man of value.” While I was not male, I still took this message to heart and have questioned often throughout my life how I could do and be better to somehow live up to being a person of value.

I learned as a young journalist Einstein’s quote, “The important thing is not to stop questioning,” and that enhanced my desire to pursue knowledge and truth. This more than anything is one of the reasons I love the internet and want to make it more accurate and useful. Through safe blog posts and relevant, unique content I believe I can create change to make search results more valuable. Constantly questioning the “whys” behind a particular business when blogging is key to generating that unique website content.

As a blogger, and more particularly as a “ghost” blogger, I’ve come to respect and understand Einstein’s sentiment, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” My clients feel confident knowing that their information and style is safe with me. As I take on their “voice,” the blog becomes an extension of them, not me. I may be providing the content, but the message and each blog post belongs to them.

I believe in the power of blogging, but also understand that to have impact, my blog content must be interesting, accurate and informative. Most small business owners have difficulty creating 100% unique website content while still managing their business. So, by combining forces and using my creativity, keywords, and writing sense with their message, together we develop safe blog posts and 100% original website content.

It’s really not a new concept, ghostwriters have been around for centuries. Books, manuscripts, screenplays, and more have all used “hired pens.” Yet, the idea of a ghostwritten blog makes people pause. “You can write my blog for me?” they ask. To which I respond, “Yes, of course, what days do you need blogging?”

Jen Miller has been writing since she was a child and spent her early career years soaking up all the information she could discover as a journalist of newspapers and magazines. Getting out the message and spreading truth has always been a high priority for Jen. Jen began writing website content for clients in 1996 and started blogging in 2008 for That experience created a love for the blog and she has been an avid blogger ever since. Today she writes for her clients on a variety of topics as a ghostwriter/ghostblogger and connects their messages with personality through social media to deliver the most impact possible.

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