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Safe Blog Posts and Video

Judging Safe Blog Posts Fair Use & Safe Blog Posts/Original Blog PostsOkay – time for you to be the judge.  As a person who loves creative marketing, I have developed and commissioned several “extras” to be displayed on my website.  Sometimes I use artwork, music or videos to further the meaning of my safe blog posts.  Recently I had a video produced for my blog which educates on the nature of safe blog posts, but also uses copyrighted content from another source. Obviously this raised a question of whether this blog post could still be considered 100% original website content.

Video Using Images in Original Blog Posts

Video Using Actor in Original Blog Posts

The actual amount of copyrighted content (images) is extremely limited, totaling less than 1% of the original Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but I was still concerned as I am trying to explain or teach on this principle.  I certainly do not want to be a stumbling block for anyone else when it comes to original blog posts.  This post on safe blog posts has more on my opinions (didn’t want to overwhelm you on here!).

I did a bit of research as the content is video based, a format I am less familiar with, and still believe the video is usable on my blog under fair use.  The purpose of the video is to educate and promote discussion.  The original copyrighted work has been largely distributed, truncated, reviewed, and otherwise disseminated, and the amount used of the original work is very minimal.  You can refer to YouTube’s Fair Use guidelines to see if you agree and then, please join in the conversation by commenting on this post.

Let me know which of these videos you would feel is a safe blog post.  I wrote the actual text, so there is no need for concern there in regards to it being an original blog post.  The main question remains in the images used.  Also, how would you feel if I posted “hand-drawn” replica pictures in the video instead of the actual movie images?  Does that make a difference?

What do you think? Which video would you use? Would you consider this an original blog post?

Jen Miller has been writing since she was a child and spent her early career years soaking up all the information she could discover as a journalist of newspapers and magazines. Getting out the message and spreading truth has always been a high priority for Jen. Jen began writing website content for clients in 1996 and started blogging in 2008 for That experience created a love for the blog and she has been an avid blogger ever since. Today she writes for her clients on a variety of topics as a ghostwriter/ghostblogger and connects their messages with personality through social media to deliver the most impact possible.

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3 comments on “Safe Blog Posts and Video
  1. I agree with you both. The actor’s expressions really make the post. I do like Golem as he is ugly but interesting but, alas, expressionless.

  2. My favorite video uses the actor only. His facial expressions are so fun to watch! Very original. I prefer the choice of using an actor rather than the other options.

    • Awesome! He’s quite fun, isn’t he? And, then, there is no chance of copyright violation, either. Good call, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by to comment! Jen

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