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Use Community Video to Connect With Clients and Fans

Use community video to connect with clients.Video blogs–or vlogs–are one of the most important new ways for businesses to connect with clients in our virtual world. Quality blog posts are a vital way to build your authority and credibility in your field. However, community video accomplishes something different. When you chat with viewers in a video, they feel much more connected to you as a person. A well-done video can help people to feel like they’ve met you and gotten a real sense of who you are. This feeling of connection builds trust on a much deeper, more visceral level than written blog posts alone.

Community video not only helps potential clients connect with you, it also helps them connect with each other. Video is a great way for your business to build up an online community engaged in conversation about your brand, service or product. There are lots of easy-to-use programs that make creating a video a very simple process. When you have a regular schedule of video posting, your subscribers know when to check in to your blog or YouTube channel. Community video is a great way to encourage clients and fans to share your content. This leads to greater engagement with your brand and more business for you.

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