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9 Dangerous Content Marketing Trends – Are You Avoiding Them?

9 Dangerous Content Marketing Trends by NeedSomeoneToBlog.comYou see them everywhere – dangerous content marketing trends – but they are especially noticed on websites for large companies.

Companies who really don’t understand that they are WASTING potential profits by not paying attention and realizing that content marketing matters.

Companies who somehow do not recognize that they are LOSING customers through a lack of engagement.

Companies that feel that just having a website is “ENOUGH.”

Well, it’s not.

It’s 2013 and you need more than a website and Facebook page to BE SEEN and rank in search engines these days.

You won’t get to Page 1 of organic search by following these popular trends.

9 Dangerous Content Marketing Trends

  1. “Borrowed” Content (Images, Videos & Text) – Are you using Safe Blog Posts?
  2. Shared, Generic Blog Posts Where You Add Only Your Keywords
  3. Poorly Written, Incoherent, Keyword Stuffed Website Content and Posts
  4. Forgotten Blog Post Publicizing via Social Posting & Email Campaigns
  5. Ignoring Client Engagement & Avoiding Response
  6. Apathy Towards Content Calendars & Internal Linking Strategies
  7. Cannibalization of Organic Search Through Keyword Misuse
  8. Backlinking Schemes (You Should Know Better By Now)
  9. Disregard for Analytics & Accountability and How They Direct the Content Process

Luckily you won’t find any of those Dangerous Marketing Trends on our website. At we have developed a 6 Step BE SEEN System to avoid these trends and make the most of your content marketing budget.  Schedule a call to discuss your options by clicking here OR  join my upcoming teleconference on avoiding the 9 Dangerous Content Marketing Trends by signing up here.

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