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What Blog Posts Do You Read and Write?

Creating blog posts outdoorsI’m a Mommy Blogger who is not a “Mommy Blogger,” simply because I do not generally write blog posts on topics related to the home. My blog posts revolve around companies, concepts and team development. While writing on team building definitely has a “family feel,” it’s not the same as writing about your six year old encouraging you to “play outside more.”

At we write a lot of website content for businesses, and most of what we write is not focused on nurturing, raising and leading children. However looking at our staff, one might say the title “Mommy Blogger” is quite applicable since we’re all multi-tasking Moms with the collective experience to be a force on any parenting topic!

However, that is not our target as a company.

We Write Blog Posts For Businesses

At, we direct our attention to our customers – their topics, their needs, their goals – and create website content that will reach and engage their audience to assist in those achievements and highlight their strengths.

The difference in these two areas of blogging was driven home to me recently as I was involved in a Twitter conversation where @notagrouch posed the question, “If you have kids, in regards to raising them, what has been your biggest challenge so far?”

Daunted at first, my initial reply was, “You expect an answer in 140 characters? ;)” Then I took a minute to think about it and replayed what seems like a lifetime of experiences in my head. I continued my response with, “I’d have to say focus… me on them, them on me.”

And with parenting I would definitely say that’s true. Parents must balance other life concerns with an ability to focus on their children, so that their kids feel needed, wanted and loved, such as making time to “play outside more” when requested (obviously this is hitting close to home for me right now). Kids, in turn, must focus on the life knowledge and love shared by their parents, from taking their first steps to understanding that it’s necessary to try again when they falter.

As parents, our primary job is to work with our children to find their strengths and help meet their needs, even if it means making changes in our own lives and schedules so they feel heard.  As bloggers, we do that too.  Business bloggers constantly adjust to highlight strengths, introduce new products and services, and answer the blog post needs of each company.

In the blogging business however, it’s our job to focus on our customers, not the other way around. We need to deliver the best possible, most original content for each customer, allowing them time to focus on other things. Our customers should not be focused on us and their blog posts. Instead we direct our customers to pay attention to what matters for them – building their business.

If you find yourself wishing you could spend more time focusing on your business (or your family) instead of worrying about website content, let’s schedule some time to talk about how fits into your business model.


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Jen Miller has been writing since she was a child and spent her early career years soaking up all the information she could discover as a journalist of newspapers and magazines. Getting out the message and spreading truth has always been a high priority for Jen. Jen began writing website content for clients in 1996 and started blogging in 2008 for That experience created a love for the blog and she has been an avid blogger ever since. Today she writes for her clients on a variety of topics as a ghostwriter/ghostblogger and connects their messages with personality through social media to deliver the most impact possible.

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