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Pinterest & Blogging – Making Connections

Pinterest as Social MediaPinterest & Blogging Go Hand-in-Hand!

Pinterest is a social media and image blogging tool that bring people and images together.

  • Moms use it to gather ideas on crafting and sewing techniques, recipes, book reading, other hobbies and interests.
  • Teens use it to dream and plan their future – their extravagant future: from weddings worth thousands of dollars and ultimate million dollar homes, to wardrobes they WISH they had (guilty as charged).
  • Businesses like use it to showcase ideas and share web tools and bloggers use it to find and share images and get fantastic blogging ideas dictated by what they’ve seen pinned.
  • Men use it for…WHO are we kidding? Men use it to make fun of their wives who lose track of hours on the time sucking, informative but will-you-ever-really-get-this-done Pinterest website.

And we don’t blame them.  Because we all have our dreams…

Regardless, of whether you are one of the few men using Pinterest, one of the many women that do, or a beginner just getting used to the gist of it all, I have compiled the following list:

Five Things You Should Know About Pinterest

Tip #1  Linking to Facebook or Twitter 

When you first join Pinterest, you will be asked a question that could forever alter your experience on Pinterest.

Do you want to link your pins to Facebook, or Twitter?  

Unless you want all of your “likes” and “comments” revealed to your Facebook friends, I strongly recommend choosing Twitter.  However, if you do choose Facebook, keep in mind that you should take care what you “like” or “comment” on with your Pinterest account. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by “liking” a handy “pimple reduction trick!” or commenting on attractive celebrities (Paul Wesley, true story), or having one of your friends notice your pins about your imaginary June wedding….

Tip #2 Following and Being Followed 

Be aware of who you are following! Some people don’t know have a filter to understand when something is or isn’t appropriate for the internet… and it can get pretty awkward.  And, in case you are unaware, Pinterest following is just like following someone on Tumblr or Twitter. Anyone who has a Pinterest account from your friends list (depending on if you linked to Facebook or Twitter) can be added to your following list.  You can also add the people you randomly find on Pinterest who you thought had good ideas and quality “pins” to help you create a full Pinterest home board! You’ll see the list on your home page! Also, when people follow you, it means they like your pins and think you have good ideas!  So, Yay! for you!

Tip #3  Your Pin Boards 

Your Pin Boards are important if you want to get popular on Pinterest. You can link them to topic pages (under the “everything” list under the Pinterest logo) and viola;  You’ve got some followers!  You can have an unlimited number of pin boards, but it does get confusing with more than say, five or six. But, it’s up to you!

My experience is that with more pin boards, it’s more difficult to separate individual pins into the correct boards. Pinning something to the wrong board can result in people instantly shunning you for not being Pinterest savvy (gasp of horror) and causing your viewer to waste time.

Tip #4  Not Getting Hooked

This tip is difficult. Trust me, I know. But, I also know that it’s more effective to actually do the things you pin then to just think, “Hey, that’s a good idea!” and move on. That inspiring quote and those adorable jeans can wait, and that workout plan you pinned won’t get you great abs unless you actually do it.  And as I previously mentioned, Pinterest can be a time-suck.  Don’t just pin the pins!  Do them! Or at least justify your time spent by blogging about them!

Tip #5  Be Nice!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen pins of models, say, on the more skinny side of the scale with comments saying “Too skinny, that’s so not cute.” or “Someone get the girl a burger!”  These type of comments create a downward spiral of even nastier words and arguments and are not appropriate for public discussion. If you need a reminder, just remember the saying: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

So, that’s it in a nutshell.

Now you are free to open and enjoy your Pinterest account with my approval and blessing.  Be safe, have fun, and keep on pinning!  Just keep these guidelines in mind, so you can be sure to make your Pinterest experience a great one. Oh, and if you need someone to blog for you, give us a call!

Wrigley is an aspiring journalist and guest columnist on She was recently awarded with the Katie Couric Award by her Girl Scout Troop. Wrigley has had her work published in the Orange County Register and enjoys seeing her posts appear on and on her high school website. Wrigley loves to write and brainstorm, when she's not devoting her time to "researching" Pinterest.

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6 comments on “Pinterest & Blogging – Making Connections
  1. Wrigley is amazing! This blog is very high quality for any adult, let alone a teenager who is still learning her trade. I did not know she was published in the OC Register. I love writing to the editorial section also, and actually have been published numerous times. The most recent was last week. That is why I love Wrigley, she is cool like me!!!

    • That’s awesome news. Thank you, Paul, for sharing! You should ask her about her OC Register experience. Super cool.

  2. Really enjoyed this. Learned all about Pinterest. Especially liked tip # 5 about being nice. Get the girl a burger – good example of how a seemingly cute and funny comment can trigger nastier ones, as conversations continue.

  3. Wonderful information about Pintrest and blogging! I am new to Pintrest and I can see why it’s a great way to share ideas from blogs. Great article.

    • Appreciate the comment, Nancy! Subscribe so you can get every post in your inbox for more tips or… come back next week and download the new App so you can access posts, videos, audio files and so much more at your finger tips! It will be introduced on Monday!

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