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Discussing Creating Content in Your Client’s Voice at WordCamp Austin

Just as HOPE Outdoor Gallery Gives Voice, We Help Find Our Client's Voice

Creating Content in Your Client’s Voice by @jenblogs4u #keepwapuuweird #wcatx #wcatx17 #wordcamp #wordcamp17 — WordCamp Austin (@wordcampaustin) October 22, 2017 Two weeks ago a client called me and said, “Jen, I just read through one of our blog posts

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Local SEO without Community Is Just Keywords | WCLAX

Local SEO without community is just keywords. Keywords by themselves do not deliver results. They are simply a vehicle or tool that directs search engines to a website. In some ways keywords are like these bikes found at Venice Beach.

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WordCamp Los Angeles Grows WordPress Community

As I reflect on WordCamp Los Angeles, I admire the individuals in the WordPress community that came together to create an excellent conference. I was part of the organizing team, working with lead Adam Silver, Renee Johnson, Stephen Harvey, Amber

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Talking Local SEO at WordCamp Europe

Local SEO _ Creating Website Content That Matters Regionally by Jen Miller

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Paris to speak at WordCamp Europe on Local SEO. I met WordPress users from all over the world in every capacity, and it was a fabulous experience. Due to the community

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Adding Local Romance and Gift Ideas to Blog Posts Episode 21

Hi everyone – this is Jen Miller and I am so excited to be talking to you on Be Seen Blogging once again after the holiday break. I hope you, like me, enjoyed time with loved ones and had a

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Good Content Can Rank Your Website Faster

Understand how good content sets the ground work for allowing your website to rank faster. Take the time to think about and research your keywords before you write. Transcript: Today in episode #19, we’re going to be discussing, “How Good Content

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Building Links For Website Ranking

Building Links Means Making Friends

Jen Miller answers a client question on whether building links or buying links is best for SEO and website ranking. Jen recaps what Joost de Valk recently had to say on the subject at an international WordPress conference, WordCamp US,

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Using Yoast SEO as a Guide Not as Law

Using Yoast SEO as a Content Guide

Jen Miller explains the importance of using Yoast SEO as a guide rather than a content dictator. Blogging allows freedom of expression and the words used need to fit your audience. Readability scores, while valuable in many industries, have less

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Gratitude Posts and Why They Work

Express Gratitude Through Gratitude Posts When Blogging

Learn the what and why of gratitude posts. Discover how expressing thanks in a blog post can encourage reader engagement and increase product sales in business, all in under ten minutes on the Be Seen Blogging podcast. Transcript: Hello, it’s

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The Importance of Post Conference Blog Posts

Capture the Moment in Post-Conference Blog Posts

Discover methods for creating post conference blog posts that are worth reading! Utilize the topics of the conference to expand and share your knowledge. Your posts create resources on your website on relevant, trending topics, making it even more valuable.

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