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Make Your Blog Work & Search engine optimize your site!Generally speaking, the goal of is to improve your content and make your blog work so that it brings you visibility. Of course, each project is individual and can be adapted and customized to fit your needs, but this gives you a taste of what we can do for you.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your specific needs! We want to make sure you have the best Content Management Strategy possible.

Safe Blog Posts & Website Content:

New Website:

Choose a package that includes 20-25 full-blown carefully-crafted optimized articles to be seen in search engines. These articles can be used as you please to make your blog work & search engine optimize your site.  You may either upload them to your website as pages or posts or submit them to search engines as Off Page SEO articles.  If you’d prefer, we can upload them to your website for you. Articles will be 100% original content created just for your site.

Monthly Safe Blog Posting:

Six to ten carefully-crafted, original, theme related, safe blog posts are scheduled and uploaded for you with safe images, providing you with  flexibility at a price you can afford. Continuous content means constant improvements in ranking and continuous engagement and awareness with your audience.  Daily blogging, post editing, blog coaching and blogging workshops are available, too!  All Blog Posting Uses the NeedSomeoneToBlog 6 Step BE SEEN System, ensuring your success!

Individual Articles or Press Releases:

Starter packages allow you to slowly build your web presence and search engine optimize your site by creating 100% original content & safe blog posts just for you.

Social Media Management Monthly Program:

All your posts can also be distributing to your Social Media channels quickly and easily along with industry related posting and/or client supplied images, as well.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Visibility:

Each website plan is tailored to meet your industry and company needs, based on initial analytics reporting. Suggested goals and benchmarks are outlined and celebrated and you will relax as you begin to see your blog work!

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