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Why I Blog

I Blog Because I Love To Write and Because I Know It Works!

I blog to tell your storyIn the game of life, we must make many choices as to how we spend our time and at NeedSomeoneTo, our goal is to tell your story and save you time.

We recognize that our best purpose and talents as expert ghostwriters can be utilized as we use them to create your story and promote your business story through individual blog posts and original website content.

All of the ghostwriters at share the same creed. We care about your content and we love what we do and we don’t need accolades to cherish your success. We want to make sure you are avoiding the 9 dangerous content marketing trends! We do so by adhering to the following creed.

The Creed

I am a writer and I blog.

That is what I do.

That is who I am.

It doesn’t matter the topic or the venue, it really doesn’t even matter if I am well-acquainted with the subject. What matters is that I use my writing effectively to produce meaningful results for my clients.

I like to do research. I like to play with words.

Not only do I like it, I’m good at it.

So good that I can write for you….


YOUR ghostwriter…
YOUR blogger…
YOUR personal wordsmith.


Whether you need a little help with your blog, or a lot, we can offer tips and advice to keep you moving forward. Safe blog post promotion and unique content are our specialties and we want to help you succeed.  Taking your original material and posting it on your social media will increase search results on your website.  If you need someone to blog for you, please email or call us so we can discuss your topic and get you started towards successful content.

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