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Can Google+ Local and Google Places Pages Help My Blog?

Are you trying to make sense of Google Places and Google+ Local social media posting? You’re not alone.

Google+ Local Link Your Posts to Your SiteAnd while typically I repeat the mantra, “Google knows all,” I’m starting to think that maybe they’ve even stumped themselves on this one! Or at least hidden the search results from their consumer product specialists.

Despite that, it’s important to know how to use Google+ Local because it can increase readership on your blog.

If you were an established Google Places user, you may find yourself easily navigating the merging of your Places Page with your Google+ Local Page. However, if you just recently applied for a Places Page or never got around to verifying your listing, you may be having issues locating it.

As a verified user of a Places Page, you can still use the Google Places Page screen to manage your company information.  Be aware that you may notice missing Google Places reviews or other oddities during the transition phase and that you’ll need to report that to have the issues resolved.

However, rather than stress about the changes, let’s focus on the fabulous features being rolled out on Google+ Local Pages.

  • You can post!!!  That means you have another place to link to your blog, post pictures, and establish client contact!
  • You can determine your audience – depending on your settings, your Google+ Local Page can reach to Specific Circles, a Target Audience, or to the web at large using the Public setting.
  • You can chat from your page!!!  If your client contact revolves around chatting, this feature will work well for you.
  • You can set up Hangouts, allowing the option of inviting nine other people to join you in videoconferencing.
  • Beginning today, you can start your own Community.  Sounds like a fantastic way to get to know others in your industry or lead a group discussion as an authority.

Those are just a few of the ways that a Google+ Local Page can benefit you and your business.  If you want to know more or need help figuring out how to be seen on your Google+ Local Page,  give me a call and I’ll walk you through it!  If you’d rather connect with me through my Blogging Community or Google+ Local Page, click here. You can also join an upcoming teleconference on avoiding the 9 Dangerous Content Marketing Trends by signing up here.

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