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Tweet Your Heart Out With Twitter Survival Tips

We know you’ll enjoy these Twitter Survival Tips by Jennifer Riley, a gifted writer and masterful connector on the NeedSomeoneToBlog team. Jennifer has learned through trial and error how to create impact, whether in a post of 1400 words or a tweet of 140 characters! This post details her initial Twitter learning experience and will be a comfort and perhaps provide direction to those who find themselves along her same path.

Twitter Survival Tips for the newly hatchedI first signed up for Twitter out of boredom, and had no idea I’d need Twitter Survival Tips! I had already mastered Facebook – it’s all the same, right? Twitter was the next obvious social media bandwagon and it was time for me to hop on!

It wasn’t long after signing up that I realized how wrong I was about Twitter…

I wasn’t just a little lost. I was practically in a foreign country – did you know Twitter has it’s own language? The “at” sign, number symbol – what the heck is a hashtag? Twitter handle? You mean I need a special piece of equipment? I’m good, thankyouverymuch. Tweeting was for the birds!

Recently a business venture demanded that I reevaluate my relationship with Twitter. My mission: Make Twitter a viable business building strategy and simultaneously cure world hunger. Ok, I added the world hunger part for effect. But mastering Twitter felt just as impossible.

In the good name of business I decided Twitter was absolutely worth tackling. I set out scouring the Internet for every piece of knowledge my brain could bear. I didn’t have to look far. The Internet is overflowing with articles written to help those of us who are always showing up a little late to the game.

Learning Twitter Survival Tips To Help Other Hatchlings

Follow Experts with Twitter Survival TipsMy most important discovery has been hashtags. Chances are my favorite celebrities aren’t really interested in what my company has to say. A quick search for relevant hashtags allows me to find users with similar goals, and also those who might benefit from what I’m offering. Adding those hashtags to my tweets allows me to engage those users in conversation and expands my reach to include several like-minded users. Imagine reaching handfuls of important Twitter users who find your ideas useful – and vice versa – simply by filing your tweets under a particular word. This is the power of the hashtag!  Oh, and a hashtag looks like this: #nstb (hash refers to the symbol and tag refers to the word that follows, put together they become a hashtag).

I also discovered where I’m able to search for and follow the most prominent Twitter users in a particular field – like blogger, or real estate. By following the most prominent users I can benefit from their expertise, ensure that my content shows up in their feed and, as an added bonus, I can access people who they find relevant enough to follow. There are no limits to the amount of users you can reach with a few simple tools and some smart thinking!

Implementing these time and stress saving steps along with posting some killer content results in increased Twitter followings, more than I ever thought possible. Admittedly, I’m far from an expert but everyday brings more knowledge and more confidence. And with the time I’ve saved I’ll be tackling that world hunger problem in no time! #feedtheworld #iplant #endworldhunger


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