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Learning to Write Great Blog Posts, Making the Internet a Better Place

Get great blog posts on your blog and improve content marketing.When I was first hired to be a ghost blogger, I didn’t really understand content marketing or how a blog could be part of a company’s marketing strategy. I read a few craft blogs and a few news blogs, but I had never thought about how these blogs attracted followers. I was happy enough to have a job I could do while still taking care of my kids.

Despite my ignorance of SEO, content marketing, and internet ad campaigns, I was a dedicated writer. I have been writing since I was a kid, and I have a deep love of the written word. So I was determined to write great blog posts.

As I learned more about ghost blogging and the world of content marketing, I felt even more strongly about producing great blog posts. I realized how important good content is–how it builds trust between business and clients. The internet is often a wild and crazy place, and it’s hard to know what or whom to trust. Creating great blog posts started to seem like a public service as much as a job. I’m proud of being part of a team of other dedicated writers. Together we’re making the internet just a little friendlier and more reliable.

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