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Does Organic Search Work For You?

Using Organic Search Worth Every PennySometimes the web can feel like a grocery store, with so many choices. When shopping for groceries, my choices are somewhat narrow as I am all about the organic search.  My family loves fruits and vegetables, but we prefer organic to the conventional variety.  Shopping and searching organically may require more effort and narrow my results and cost a bit more, but in the end I bring home food that is healthy and has us all smiling. So while narrow, my organic search results matter.

The same should be true for your website.

Do your website bring you healthy leads?

Does your website answer your clients needs or are they getting apples instead of oranges?

Are new clients able to find you in organic search?

Does your website make them smile?

Are you seen in organic search?

You will be if your blog posts and website pages are filled with relevant content that lead your clients directly to your website through their search terms.  Please understand that I am not referring to keyword stuffing techniques or other SEO content tricks that could damage your ranking and domain.

I am referring to good content, unique original blog posts that relay great information.  Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does it matter?
  • Does anyone care?
  • Does it contribute to someone’s good?
  • Should it even be on the web?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to to rethink your strategy.  EVEN if that strategy is getting you results in organic search.  Because you want a lasting payoff.  You want to build a domain and have the stories and successes you share seen in the years to come as you build your business, your name, and your authority.

You may redesign your website, you may change companies, you might even find yourself in a completely different field at some point.  However, the content you create now will last and live on to help someone who had those same issues, questions and concerns.  Someone who did an organic search to find an answer and found you.  Now and later.


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Jen Miller has been writing since she was a child and spent her early career years soaking up all the information she could discover as a journalist of newspapers and magazines. Getting out the message and spreading truth has always been a high priority for Jen. Jen began writing website content for clients in 1996 and started blogging in 2008 for That experience created a love for the blog and she has been an avid blogger ever since. Today she writes for her clients on a variety of topics as a ghostwriter/ghostblogger and connects their messages with personality through social media to deliver the most impact possible.

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