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7 Tips to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn Posts

Establish Strength in LinkedIn PostsPosting on social media is one of those things that looks random but actually is an art. To help you increase engagement on LinkedIn posts, we’ve compiled 7 of our best ideas for optimizing posts.

1. Whatever you post, try to have a relevant image or graphic with it. Posts with an image have a 98% higher comment rate than those without. There should also be a call to action, like a link to your website or landing page. A link can increase engagement on a post by double.

2. When you post an article or video, either your own or from another source, make sure you have a short, engaging headline or quote from the article to attract attention. Consider starting a conversation about the material with a question or comment.

3. YouTube videos are able to play in the LinkedIn feed, which can result in as much as a 75% higher share rate.

4. Increase engagement on LinkedIn updates by making your content both “snackable” and valuable. Content should be fairly short and quick to assimilate, while also being interesting and relevant to your contacts. You want your posts to be appreciated and shared or commented on.

5. When you first set up your page, test different types of content to find out what are the best performing posts. Engage with comments on your posts to keep the conversation moving. Be proactive about monitoring discussions and removing rude or inappropriate comments.

6. Set a calendar for yourself, so you have regular material for posting. At the same time, be prepared to react to breaking news and new trends.

7. Pay close attention to your analytics. What kinds of posts generate activity on your profile? What time of day are people most active? What kind of audience targeting pays off? Incorporate these facts into your content strategy. Expand further by sponsoring your best content through sponsored updates.

After a few months of following these strategies, you’ll find your social media presence and influence on the incline. View Part 1 of this LinkedIn series here.


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