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Go GREEN with Intentional Blogging

Intentional Blogging Produces ResultsOftentimes I’m asked why our posts work so well at Need Someone To Blog. People wonder how to do it themselves and even question why plugins, geared especially for that purpose, are difficult to use. It’s hard for me to understand the struggle as I am a devotee of intentional blogging on websites.

What is intentional blogging you ask?

Well, it’s a phrase I recently started using to describe what we do and why our blogs work. Listed below are 7 steps to creating an intentional blog post that will help your website to rank well and make your SEO plugin shine with a green light (Yoast), a thumbs up or with any symbol that indicates the post is good to go!

7 Steps of Intentional Blogging

  • Step 1 – Choose your keyword phrase.
  • Step 2 – Include that phrase in your post title.
  • Step 3 – Write a worthy post bursting with original content of over 200 words.
  • Step 4 – Use your keyword phrase in the first paragraph and one other place in the post.
  • Step 5 – Find a safe-to-use image and name it with your keyword phase. Make sure the image alt tag includes the phrase.
  • Step 6 – Add a custom meta description using your phrase and get ready to publish the post.

Now, save the draft and check to see if you have the green light blessing from Yoast on your screen. If it says go, publish!

  • Step 7 – Promote the post in at least 4 social media channels and submit the url for indexing.

Those are the basic steps of intentional blogging. Test it out and report back on your success!

P.S. If your post length warrants it, you can add an h2-6 heading in halfway through the post for even more punch.


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