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Blogging & Chocolate

Blogging & chocolate – does it get any better than that? This week at NeedSomeoneToBlog we’ve had several opportunities to write on the subject of chocolate and it’s a delicious thing! Are you aware of the distinctions between fine chocolate

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Do Your Blog Posts Shine?

Are your blog posts interesting to read?  Do you find yourself entertained or even giggling as you write them?  Consider the following points as you determine the topics, word choice, and titles for your blog posts.  Blogging should allow your

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Learn Blogging Tips From Einstein

Blogging Tips – Knowledge Gained Through Life Experience As I think about blogging tips I can offer, I think back to when as a child and later as an adult with my own child, I visited Washington, D.C. as a

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Who Has The Time?

The person who makes the time. That would be me. And, I will make sure your content is unique, fun, and ultimately filled with safe blog posts built to enhance your other unique website content.  Your internet presence is an

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Why Use Social Media With Blogs

Social Media with Blogs – Keys To to Growing Your Business! Social media is the key to bringing people into your company website with today’s busy, hurry, crazy lifestyle.  There are many company blogs competing for your clients’ business.  If

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How Can You Rank Higher?

Hire the best blogger around and stop thinking about it! To rank higher in search engines, you need original website content. Unique website content and safe blog posts also provide more value to your clients and readers. Call today and

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Should I Approve These Links?

Links Are No Longer The Only Answer If you have an active blog, then you have probably seen your share of links, pingbacks, comments and trackbacks. Those are the methods that another website will use to link into your blog.

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